KETCHIKAN PHOTOS   Photographs of Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska

Alaska Stock Photography

The stock photography on this site and many more collections on file are available for licensing for editorial or advertising uses. Prices are negotiated for each particular use depending on the size, location and duration of the use. Generally there is a US$40 minimum usage fee, but better rates can be made if a specific collection or bulk package is needed.

Each photo request is carefully researched and images can be sent by Federal Express within 24 hours of the request. Electronic transmission or custom burned CD's and DVD's are also available for images on this site.

Contact us for additional details or to let us research your specific stock photography requests.

Each image is 12.4 Megapixels and has been taken with Nikon's finest DSLR, the D2X. Images can be printed in sizes as large as 20X30' and larger.


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